Live Interviews

The Shadow Of – Live Interview m/ Din Radio 8600 103.8 FM 8.8.16 


The Shadow Of – Live Interview w/ Rob G and Psych Word Radio Show 1.22.16

After the Live Interview Psych Word Radio Show wrote this message:

Dear The Shadow Of

It was a pleasure having you on the show and airing your song.
We received great feedback from listeners on your track and interview.
Friday nights episode is now available for free streaming on iTunes! with your song and interview included in our show.
You are very talented, and we urge you to continue with your career.
We hope to hear more from you.
Rob G. stated that he was so pleased with how the interview was going that he decided to go a couple of minutes over the 10 minute slot.
Your song that we aired will be put into our shows rotation with the guests featured on our previous shows. Yes, your song “Dopamine Seeker” will now be in our shows rotation.

Best  Rob G / Psych Word Radio Show


The Shadow Of – Live Interview w/ Jacqueline Jax and Ava Live Radio 10.22.15